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Leadership strategies for managing talent in Asia’s emerging markets
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4 Effective Ways to Lead with Resolve in Times of Exponential Growth

Posted by on Aug 15, 2018 in Transformational Leadership | 0 comments

A leader that’s constantly changing their ideas and vision isn’t easy to follow. Sporadic, random, all over the place, indecisive, and even chaotic are what comes to mind when describing such leaders. One week you’re focusing on a particular project and the next something completely different. Teams can easily get frustrated, lose focus and get annoyed by such leaders. And hence, they’ll repel really talented people because of their lack of resolve and commitment. Now on the flipside to this, is the fact that since we’re operating in the times of rapid and exponential changes leaders, companies and...

3 Unquestionable Ways To Achieve Greatness As An Exponential Leader

Posted by on Aug 8, 2018 in Transformational Leadership | 0 comments

In an interview with Popular Science magazine Amar Bose, the founder and once Chairman of Bose Corporation said “I would have been fired a hundred times at a company run by MBAs. But I never went into business to make money. I went into business so that I could do interesting things that hadn’t been done before.” That’s precisely the mindset that defines exponential leaders and empowers them with the ability to aim for and achieve greatness. It’s no secret that chasing your dreams, interests and passion is far more rewarding for your pursuit to achieve greatness than purely being on the...

How Playing Games Can Lead To An Engaged Workforce

Posted by on Aug 3, 2018 in Talent Management in Asia | 0 comments

What do you achieve with an engaged workforce? According to a recent Gallup poll, an organization with engaged workforce leads to: 17% higher productivity 20% higher sales To add to this, there 2013 poll found companies with high levels of engagement had: 37% fewer absenteeism 25-65% less turnover What all this means is that having an engaged workforce can and will substantially enhance your company’s business performance. Alright, so you agree to this, however, the challenging question that most organizations ask themselves is, how do we engage our workforce? Drumroll please … Gamification!...

3 Drivers That Stimulate Exponential Leaders’ Love Of Leading People

Posted by on Aug 1, 2018 in Transformational Leadership | 0 comments

Over the years through my practice I’ve come across and met several types of leaders. Most of them have been bold, charismatic and outright brilliant. However, there are very few that I’ve come across who actually, genuinely love leading people. Early in your career you aspire to be a leader. The reality, however, is not many have the passion or the true love of leading people. Sure, there’s a desire to grow your business, to be successful and to be a creative force that the world recognizes and celebrates. Unfortunately, drowning under all that desire is the passion and love for leading people....

5 Creative Ways Gamification Can Effectively Manage Tasks

Posted by on Jul 27, 2018 in Talent Management in Asia | 0 comments

Micromanaging can be a cumbersome and unfruitful task. It’s something most sensible and progressive managers and leaders avoid. And why not. Your employees don’t enjoy being constantly pestered about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and when they’re going to get work done. It’s unnerving and quite annoying to have your boss frequently checking in and following up to you. It shows lack of respect and trust. And that’s what you don’t want your employees to feel – untrusted and not respected. You don’t want to manage tasks for them. You want them to get things done on their own. Of course you...

How Exponential Leaders Build High Performing Teams

Posted by on Jul 25, 2018 in Talent Management in Asia | 0 comments

No leader ever strives to build a low or average performing team. You aim to build a strong, capable, competent and, of course, a high performing team. However, what is a high performing team? Surely, it’s not a team that simply achieves their targets. It’s in fact, a team that works so well together and is so accurately aligned to the company’s purpose that the collective output of its team members can exponentially increase the company’s chances of success. I’ve met many leaders through my practice and every one of them has expressed their desire to build a high performance team. However, given the...

Are Gamified Assessments Too Much Fun To Be Effective?

Posted by on Jul 20, 2018 in Talent Management in Asia |

In an attempt to attract top talent organizations have been turning to innovative, creative and engaging ways of revamping and strengthening their recruitment process. Some of them have even implemented games in their assessment process or have altogether gamified their assessments. Tools and concepts like video enabled interviews, virtual reality assessments, AI driven assessments, games that assess emotional intelligence and cognitive behavior and even gamified psychometric tests have all made their way into the corporate world. However, have all this made the recruitment process too much fun and...

5 Simple Ways Leaders Can Really Engage and Align Talent

Posted by on Jul 18, 2018 in Talent Management in Asia |

Do you know why most local and global organizations fail to meet their targets? It’s because of their disengaged workforce. Organizations all over the world face the challenge of engaging with their employees and yet there are very few who have really tried to address the issue. And even if the HR department devises strategies to engage the workforce, their efforts have little or no impact on engagement levels. Why? It’s because business leaders often show little interest in engaging their employees. Wrapped around their busy schedules, critical meetings, strategy and decision making, leaders have...

How To Use Gamification To Impact Your Employee’s Productivity

Posted by on Jul 13, 2018 in HR Tips, Tools & Resources |

It’s no secret that happier and engaged employees are more productive. They’ll enjoy the work they perform, work harder, work better and stay with your company longer. And when your employee’s productivity is driving them to perform at high levels your company’s chances of achieving success becomes all the more realistic. Using gamification you can make work and achieving goals much more enjoyable, fun and rewarding. You’ll be able to attract talent, engage them and keep them motivated by the instant rewards, gratification and prompt feedback that they receive through a gamification platform....

3 Undisputed Ways You Can Replace Passive Followers With Powerful Leaders

Posted by on Jul 11, 2018 in Talent Management in Asia |

When I look back at my career I’m proud of the business objectives and results I’ve facilitated as achievements, the organizational transformations that I’ve orchestrated, the innovations I’ve kick started in leadership and HR, and the impact I’ve had on numerous people’s personal and profession growth. However, more than all that, I’m most proud of how over the years I’ve helped over 50 individuals that have worked in my teams become powerful leaders of their own. To me that is probably one of the biggest achievements of my career. If you ask me what a great leader will be remembered for I’d say it’s...

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