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Posted by on Jul 27, 2017 in HR Tips, Tools & Resources |

3 Ways You Can Meditate at Work To Refresh Your Mind

3 Ways You Can Meditate at Work To Refresh Your Mind

Our brain is a marvelous entity. It’s processing power and capabilities are unparalleled. But running it too fast and constantly tends to slow it down. From time to time our brain needs to rest. And while sleeping is probably the best way to re-energize and rest it, sometimes sleeping just isn’t possible. Particularly at work. So what do you do when you need to give your brain that much needed rest? Meditate!

Now I know what you’re thinking. No, I’m not asking you to sit crossed legged, eyes closed and zoning out from work. Meditation is a much simpler process than what most of us perceive it to be. Meditation, by definition, is spending time in quiet thought for the purpose of relaxation. Basically, what that means is that you can meditate anywhere, anytime, anyway! You don’t need to be in a specific position or have your eyes closed. You can meditate while you’re walking, in a meeting and even at your desk. It’s that simple! No complexities about it.

Interested? Here’s how you can meditate at work and get a much needed mental rest and bounce back refreshed:

1. Buzzer Meditation

One way to not get any meditation done at work is to immerse yourself in work. You’ll never remember to meditate this way. Set a timer to go off every two hours. When it buzzes, irrespective of what you’re working on look away. Your gaze should be anywhere but on work. Zone out and meditate for a minute. It doesn’t have to be for a long duration, but don’t rush yourself. Try breathing normally and concentrating on your breathing. Normally a minute or two should be sufficient to recharge you.

2. Random Trigger Meditation

Look around your office. There may be a few items that are commonly (but not abundantly) found on your co-workers’ desks, such as a stapler or post-it notepad. These are items that you’ll find around the office but not so frequently as a pen or laptop. Got your item of choice? Great. While walking around the office if you see this item, stop. This is the trigger you need to pause for a minute, connect with your body and pay attention to your breathing. Once you’ve got a sense of your footing and grounded yourself move on as normal.

3. Connect With Nature

Believe it or not but there’s power and energy that you can channel from nature. Surrounding yourself with elements of nature can deeply impact your body, mind and soul. You don’t need to be extravagant or elaborate when creating an environment of nature around your desk. Think rock gardens, Zen gardens or simple plants like bamboos. You could even get a beta fish. Every time you return to your desk take a few seconds to look at your nature corner and appreciate its beauty. Those few seconds are all that’s needed to connect, ground yourself and feel relaxed.

In the past three weeks I’ve brought forward ways you can stay healthy from the snacks you consume to the stretches and exercises you can do at work. Adding meditation to the equation will further provide your mind, body and soul the necessary fuel for powerful energy and productivity boosts. At first you may be skeptical about all this, but you’ll start to feel the difference after just one week. And in the long run, you’re headed towards a healthier future based on these simple tips you can take with you to work.

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