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Posted by on May 4, 2017 in HR Tips, Tools & Resources |

4 In-Flight Habits of Successful People

4 In-Flight Habits of Successful People

If you’re like me there’s a good chance you travel a lot thanks to work. Each flight you take eats into your time. Whether it’s the commute to the airport, waiting at the lounge or the long flight itself, you’re wasting away time that could very easily be productively utilized. In all my years of traveling, I’ve never let this time truly go to waste. In fact, like any successful person, I’ve used my in-flight time to be very productive.

The best part of using your in-flight time productively is that it passes by quicker and you feel a lot more accomplished. It truly does give you that peace of mind that you so deserve.

So what are these habits you should be picking up? Here are a few:

1. Read

There’s nothing better than using your in-flight time to catch up on much needed reading. Let’s be honest, with all the daily running around it’s hard to make time to read and that’s ok, for the most part. Catching a flight is the best excuse you can get to read something that’ll educate and help you be an even more successful leader. Whether you choose to read on your Kindle, Tablet or the traditional paperback is your choice. Whichever you choose will allow you to spend your in-flight time effectively.

2. Converse

I’ve always felt that aside from reading, conversing with people is the best way to stay informed, learn and gain perspective. Sure, you’ll feel awkward on your first few attempts, but once you get comfortable being a chatter you’ll realize that there’s much to gain from casual conversations with the person sitting next to you. In fact, you may just find a new business associate, learn more about your industry or find the talent you’ve been hunting for!

3. Organize

Staying on top of your game requires being organized and that’s usually something you put off for a “later day”. Well guess what, that later day has arrived. Your in-flight time is a great opportunity for you to open up your laptop and organize your important files and emails. Best part is there’s no one around seeking your attention so there’s no distraction! This is the moment you can give organizing your undivided (and much needed) attention.

4. Strategize

Something I find myself doing most of my in-flight time is strategizing. In this moment I’m disconnected from the world! This is the time I think of all the plans, big ideas and strategies and formulate a path to get there. It’s when I research and come up with game plans. Needless to say, it’s a fundamental aspect of being a leader and I’m sure you would agree on how important it is to make time to strategize.

What are some of your in-flight habits that help you stay productive? I’d love to hear from you.

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