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Posted by on Dec 8, 2016 in Personal Growth |

4 Powerful Reasons You Should Work For A Tough Boss

4 Powerful Reasons You Should Work For A Tough Boss

There’s a high probability that you’ll be out in the market looking to switch your job if you’re not content with the leadership of your organization. Particularly, employees have stated that after disappointing prospects of career advancements, the second most likely reason to switch is their boss. And that’s because we all want to work for a supportive and understanding boss. Someone who helps us progress and encourages our growth. A tough boss is not what we all look for.

Interestingly enough, working for a tough boss doesn’t necessarily mean that your career is headed towards a pitfall. In fact, it could be a great opportunity for you. Here’s why:

1. Be The Best Of Yourself

Working for a tough boss can mean being pushed and stretched to your limits. You’ll constantly be tested and challenged, thrown at the deep end with not much guidance or support. Sure, on the face of it it appears as if you’re being treated unfairly, but in reality, you’re being encouraged to bring out the best in you and avoid getting complacent. Tough bosses drive high expectations and to please them you’ll have to up your game and produce high results. Pretty soon you’ll realize that you aren’t an average or mediocre performer. In fact you’re most likely among the best talent the company has because of the consistent high results you keep achieving.

2. Your Mistakes Will Only Make You Stronger

Tough bosses have little or no patience for mistakes. They’re constantly keeping their team members on their toes by driving them hard and criticizing them frequently. It may seem there’s not much that can please such a boss. What it does, though, is help you learn from your mistakes faster and, sure enough, avoid repeating them. The continuous nudges you get will remind you that settling for mediocrity isn’t going to pacify this boss. The learning you gain from a tough boss can seem cold and harsh, but it’ll be something you’ll carry with you for the rest of your career.

3. An Ally In Disguise

Tough and demanding bosses may not be popular or fun to work with, but there’s no disputing that most of them are extremely intelligent, highly competent and truly skilled. If they weren’t they wouldn’t still be employed! When you work with someone like this you’re learning from a mentor who has performed well, is respected for their contributions and knows their skill. So while they drive you hard, you’re in close proximity to a highly influential person in the company. That can open several opportunities for you cross-functionally and directly for your career as well.

4. It Toughens You

Remember how when we were children our parents told us to “toughen up”. Well, if you continue to take their advice you’ll toughen up and continue to work for a tough boss. Why? Simply because they’ll force you to develop thick skin which can withstand any criticism and remain focused, calm and determined through any challenge. Once you’ve successfully worked for a tough boss you’ve weathered the storm and can sail smoothly throughout your career’s journey. Besides, how much worse can it get than this, right? Also, other cross-functional bosses would love to welcome you into their team because they know you’re that good!

There is, though, a fine line between being a “tough” boss and a selfish one or even a bully. And that’s the type of boss you wouldn’t want to be or work for. Respect is a non-negotiable. A few weeks ago I highlighted some of the signs that suggest your boss may be selfish. Be mindful of these when working with a tough boss.

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