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Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 in Transformational Leadership |

How To Define Your Organization’s Massive Corporate Purpose

How To Define Your Organization’s Massive Corporate Purpose

Business leaders and their teams are often reminded that the world around them is rapidly growing and constantly evolving. Unfortunately for many organizations the growth is much faster than they can cope with. Some are caught by surprise and by then it’s too late to amend their environment to cater to new demands. Others are struggling to play catch-up. In either case you could say it’s becoming even more challenging for organizations to continuously make an impact because of the absence of a corporate purpose.

Some organizations, however, have a different set of challenges altogether. Their growth has been exponential attributed by the disruptive technologies they’ve brought to the market. Does it mean they have it all figured out and can weather the changes of the world they work in? Not quite, because once that disruption is absorbed and widely accepted, the big question that hangs over their heads is what’s next? And that itself can push them far behind the pace of the changing world.

So, what does it all come down to for your organization which wants to stay relevant, keep pushing boundaries and achieve sustainability? Last week I shared by views on the importance of having a Massive Transformative Purpose which would otherwise lead to the demise of your organization. How massive and wide your corporate purpose is will strengthen your organization’s ability to withstand the rapidly changing environment. And here’s how you can define your purpose.

It’s Beyond Words on The Wall

Good companies have well defined vision and mission statements. These are usually conceived by senior management to encourage employees to think beyond daily activities with a message or statement that’s clear and memorable. Sure they’ll strive for more with these statements, but the impact of a vision and mission would be limited to a particular timeframe or technology. It’s for this reason a corporate purpose is overarching, which great companies emphasize upon. It’s larger than your organization’s current abilities. It’s impact is greater than your present network. It’s philosophy is deeper than the present environment you’ve harvested. It’s meaning and aim is massive!

Define Your Corporate Identity

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world organizations need a strategy to establish an untarnished and impeccable presence in the market. Your corporate identity is not just your corporate or brand image, it’s the perception that the global village has of you, what you’re capable of and the impact you have. It’s what the world sees you as. And it’s fueled by your customers, stakeholders, business partners and employees’ loyalty and trust. Your corporate identity is not just who you are, it’s who you’re becoming. It’s what differentiates you from your competitors and makes your organization the preferred choice for business or employment.

Look Outside In

When constructing a Corporate Purpose it’s a great idea to see what areas of society and the world you’ll be impacting. While your mission and vision may reflect the aim of your organization, your corporate purpose will look at the people you wish to impact, what areas of their lives you’ll be strengthening or the gaps that you’ll be filling, and what empowerment you wish to provide them with your capabilities. Once you’ve looked at the world, look within at your core strengths and the abilities you wish to develop with which you’ll fulfill your promise of impact. And while vision and mission statements could possibly be similar for various organizations within an industry, the corporate purpose would be the differentiator.

Make it Clear and Measurable

There should be no ambiguity about your corporate purpose. It’s no secret and nor is it a hidden agenda. Your organization’s purpose of existence should be so simple and clear that everyone, even if they aren’t linked to your business in some way, is aware of your intentions, where you’re headed and the impact you’re striving to make. The corporate purpose, in fact, should be so clear that your employees are exhibiting behaviors, traits and attributes of that purpose without thinking twice. And what’s a purpose if all efforts aren’t directed or leading towards progress that’s measurable. that’s why your actions and efforts should be quantifiable to ensure your purpose is indeed creating an impact.

When you look at, your organization’s corporate purpose validates the reason of its existence and for it to do business. It’s the DNA that defines what your organization stands for, its ethics, culture and its intentions of how it enriches society and the world. No matter what it may be, your organization’s corporate purpose is the unsaid promise it makes to the world.

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