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Leadership strategies for managing talent in Asia’s emerging markets
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6 Buzzwords You Can’t Miss in the Business World in 2018

Posted by on Jan 18, 2018 in HR Tips, Tools & Resources |

Remember last year I shared with you 6 buzzwords that I predicted you’ll be hearing of in 2017? Do you recall any of them? More so, did any of them find their way into your normal corporate language? If not, there’s a good chance we won’t be hearing the last of them. And that’s because the momentum behind these buzzwords is still growing and continues to keep them still relevant in 2018. Consider last year’s buzzwords intrapreneur and storytelling – you’ll still need to build strategies around them to engage and motivate your talent. And then there was Return on Relationship, Push Tolerance and...

5 Body Language Behaviors Of Successful And Powerful People

Posted by on Jan 16, 2018 in Personal Growth |

Picture yourself about to address a group of individuals. You have major plans to share with them. Big ideas and strategies to enlighten them with. And you have to ensure you deliver the message in a way that guarantees their allegiance to the goal and purpose. How do you deliver such a powerful message that inspires, charges up and drives people to exceed their potential? Certainly not with a body language that doesn’t display leadership and power. Displaying power and status doesn’t require much verbal usage. The ability to project yourself as a leader and a person of authority and conviction simply...

How To Charge Up Your Team For The New Year

Posted by on Jan 11, 2018 in Transformational Leadership |

Working with a team of talented individuals is a privilege. They’re intelligent, capable, eager and hungry for success. That makes your work as a leader and manager all the more rewarding and challenging – both at the same time. It’s rewarding because you’re helping them tap into their full potential and fulfill their dreams and aspirations. It’s challenging because these individuals are restless, curious and always questioning if their contributions are being noticed, appreciated and adding value to the organization. That’s where you need to play an even more important role to charge up your team and...

How To Navigate Your Pursuit Of Some Great Reward

Posted by on Jan 9, 2018 in Personal Growth |

It’s that time of the year when most of you may have or may be getting into a performance review interview. It can be a daunting exercise, however, if done right, it can actually be beneficial for both you and your manager. And while the arguments of the need and evolution of performance management stands, it’s still a process that most of you will go through. However, what’s different for all of us is what great reward we’re seeking to gain from the process. This year, like many in the past, you’ll be talking about your past achievements, goals for the current year, your career aspirations and of...

How To Lead With More Resolve In 2018

Posted by on Jan 4, 2018 in Transformational Leadership |

Kick start 2018 by answering this question: “How can I lead with more resolve?” It’s a very broad question to answer. You’ll have to look at it from various angles, viewpoints and perspectives. And while it’s a lengthy question to answer, it’s not an impossible one. It’s also a very apt question for any leader to ask themselves at the start of a new year. I’m quite sure you’re a great leader who has a committed and dedicated team following them. However, every year it’s you who should ask yourself how to be an even greater. How can you be a better, greater, stronger and more successful version of...

5 Common Mistakes Leaders Make When Starting A New Year

Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in Transformational Leadership |

I like to start a new project, a new challenge and the New Year on a positive note. The last thing on my mind is negativity. Mistakes or any negative from previous years are far from my mind. I even try my best to avoid negative words – words like ‘mistakes’. Yet my first blog post of the year has that word – ‘mistakes’. Why am I deviating from this norm that I have created for myself? To ensure you don’t make the mistakes that many leaders often do. Just before the New Year kicks off, most leaders like yourself may have the opportunity to relax, rest your minds and rejuvenate. This is a necessity to...

Why 2018 Could Spell Trouble For Your Business

Posted by on Dec 28, 2017 in Transformational Leadership |

2017 is on its way out and you’re in trouble. Well, if you’ve gotten complacent, comfortable at the pace your business is steadily growing, or if you’ve settled for the routine you’ve found yourself then you’re in trouble. That’s because business trends are accelerating and thanks to technology the rate of acceleration is faster than what we expected or can possibly keep up with. I’m sure you feel the effects of these rapid changes – and so must be your business. The year 2017 saw many fluctuations in the business world with some markets and economies performing better than others. Though nothing is...

7 Impactful Books You Must Read in 2018

Posted by on Dec 26, 2017 in HR Tips, Tools & Resources, Personal Growth |

Every year I make it a point to read books as part of my strive for self-improvement, knowledge and continuous learning. It’s more than just a resolution. It’s a part of me. It’s who I am. And it’s what defines me. Much of my desire to read comes from the belief that I simply don’t know enough and need to continuously learn and grow. It’s perfectly fine for me to admit this fact – and I encourage everyone to put aside their egos and admit the same. While you want to carry around a persona of being knowledgeable, it’s perfectly alright to admit it to yourself. So this brings me to a few impactful books...

5 Biggest HR Trends To Follow In 2018

Posted by on Dec 21, 2017 in HR Tips, Tools & Resources |

In 2017 the HR industry took a deep dive to find ways to enhance employee engagement, diversify, exploit potential and develop an agile structure. There’s more for HR to contribute towards these initiatives, concerns and issues. Hence, 2018 will see a continuation of these efforts. However, to add to the mix there’s also going to be a lot of focus on technology and how it can play a vital role in each of these domains. In the past two decades, technology has been a game changer, enabler and a disruptor. In 2018 it’ll continue to build on its reputation and impact how we find, connect, engage and even...

How To Create A High Performing Management Team

Posted by on Dec 19, 2017 in Transformational Leadership |

Here’s an interesting fact that I’ve learned over the years from my practice – a company’s management team is almost never really a “team”. Well, you may consider them to be a team and while every intention is there for them to operate as a team, the reality is they often don’t perform or act like one. And there’s a fundamental reason why this is the case. Management teams usually comprise of leaders who represent a function, division, geography or business unit that they head up. It’s only nature then, that their primary focus, concern and objective is to ensure their function or unit achieves its...

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