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Leadership strategies for managing talent in Asia’s emerging markets
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Here’s a collection of presentations and whitepapers to keep the wheels in your mind turning. From Corporate branding for retaining key talent to leadership strategies and models for frontier markets it’s all here. If you’re looking for something in particular, get in touch with me and we’ll see what we can do!


Succeeding in Frontier Markets

Learn about the risks, opportunities, and skills required to build and run a successful frontier market organization. Also take a look at the leadership traits required to succeed in frontier markets and tips especially for expats working in the regions.


The Secret Model for Building a Successful Frontier Market Organization

There are three key factors required to build a successful company in frontier markets including Clarity, Capability and Commitment. Learn the individual elements of these competencies and how they come together to create a powerful company in unpredictable environments.


Team Alignment

Take a look at 8 key questions that you need to ask your leadership team to fully align them. This will take you through The Beginning of Team Alignment, The Importance of Aspirational Goals, The Key to Team Passion, Placing Reality Before the Future, The Importance of Growth Strategy, Using Strategies for Cascading Strategy to the Organization.


Creating a High Performance Team

Being able to identify whether you’re actually a high performance team or just pretending to be one can make or break your leadership. See how you can identify the difference, the ingredients required for High Performance Teams and Innovative Team Building Activities.


The Tricks to Achieving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the backbone of a strong organization. Understanding the roles that the employee, line manager, CEO and HR Department play and what steps each one need to take to achieve employee engagement.


Leadership Outbreaks

Taking your leadership team away from the office and thrusting them into an unexpected environment will create an unforgettable learning experience. Take a look at the key components of a leadership outbreak and ways they can create synergy within your top leadership team.


Gender Diversity Study Pakistan 2013

This reports, conducted by Engage Women, highlights the state go gender diversity in Pakistan.

How To Succeed As An Expat In Frontier Markets

Use these 10 techniques to thrive as an expat in Frontier Markets and become one of the success stories in the region.

Risks In Frontier Markets

Learn about risks in frontier markets.

Frontier Market Opportunities

There are 4 enormous opportunities of working in Frontier Markets that makes all the challenges worth the effort. Learn what these opportunities are and why they can be invaluable.

10 Incredible Asian Leaders

From the past to the present, these Asian leaders have profoundly affected their local regions and have also had powerful global impacts. Learn about what they’re best known for, quotes for inspiration and leadership lessons from each one.

10 superheroes and Life Lessons We Learn From Them

Take a look at the real life lessons that we all can learn from 10 of the most awesome superheroes of all time. It’s not about superpowers but their deeper core which makes them incredible human beings.

The Goal and Soul of Powerful Teams

Learn the Yin and Yang of Powerful Teams – the Goal and Soul along with the 5 stages you need to go through to unlock your teams ability.

15 Types of Jerks in the Office and how to Handle Them

Learn the characteristics of the types of jerks you may encounter in the office, their characteristics and the best way to handle them so they don’t negatively impact your career.


12 Ways To Improve Your Company Branding Strategy Using LinkedIn

Learn 12 ways to improve your company branding strategy on LinkedIn from 4 Asian companies who are doing it right. Having the right cover image, using the career tab option and posting the right types of updates are just a few ways that recruiting and retaining key talent.


Top 12 Asian Business Leaders & Their Tips

Here are 12 awesome Asian Business Leaders and their tips on Social Media, Leadership, Productivity and Life. All of them are on Twitter and regularly tweet inspirational content.


10 Leadership Traits from House Of Cards

Learn 10 crucial leadership traits from House of Cards’ Francis Underwood. For all the leaders aspiring to succeed from a character that knows how to win.


Social Media Toolkit

Use this toolkit to take small steps for getting noticed and advancing your career path. There are tools for training, building your authority, workplace productivity, external networking and job hunting.

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